Connected through ambition

We are Atrium Agri. A single powerful platform where we and our group companies contribute to a sustainable world where a growing world population can surround itself with healthy fruits and vegetables and attractive floricultural products.

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What we do

Thanks to Dutch growers, we have worked together in various worldwide horticultural projects for years now. Thinking from the customer’s perspective, we share our knowledge and expertise. We innovate and invest in the growth of the international horticultural customer at various levels. With the right partners, contracts and mutual trust, we can work even more efficiently.

Together, we join forces to offer turn-key CEA solutions in the playing field of international greenhouse horticulture. Merging the interests of the customer with the importance of a healthy world.

Our partners

We can accomplish more together than we can on our own

Projects of our partners

We present to you a selection of projects from our partners' portfolio. See the project details for more information.

Strawberry growing glasshouse for Dyson Farming

Design, planning and build of a six hectare glasshouse packed with energy-saving LED lighting to extend day length. CambridgeHOK managed and oversaw the entire process, from design and …

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Polycarbonate gables for flowers in the Netherlands

Kerklaan Greenhouses has recently completed a new growing space at Bloemen Young Plants in Venhorst, Noord-Brabant, spanning an impressive 9,331 m². This greenhouse is made up of both new …

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Medical Cannabis Farm Design & Build

Designed and built a 1.1 hectares medical cannabis growing glasshouse. The project included help to secure planning permission, overseeing construction and design and install of growing systems.

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Innovation with a social mission for Vertical Harvest

A complete vertical farm next to a car park in the middle of an urban area. This was a unique project for PB tec, which boosted the local market and helped people with disabilities find jobs.

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Vertical Farm Design and Build

Transformation of an empty industrial unit in London into a sophisticated indoor vertical farming space to grow a variety of herbs and leafy greens all year round .The team developed …

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Semi closed and fully automized lettuce greenhouse

Pure Green Farms is a semi-closed greenhouse equipped with a complete automized lettuce system, from potting until harvesting. The greenhouse is able to produce year-round lettuce of very …

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Cotton Research and Development Facility: trait selection and seed breeding

Client’s local team already prepared a concept together with a local architect. VEK improved the project regarding logistics, labour conditions, energy saving, footprint and capital investment.

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Year-round tomatoes in the Chicago region for Mighty Vine

VB is the general contractor for Mighty Vine, a state-of-the-art tomato farm in the US. Together with Havecon and PB, we designed a total solution that incorporates all available modern …

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High-tech greenhouse in Japan

Project Tedy Co is a real example of growing crops locally. The greenhouse has been designed according to all local and national Japanese norms and requirements. The greenhouse and all …

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Growing vegetables in the middle of the desert

The greenhouse facility that Bom Group has built in the UAE makes it possible to grow (year-round) vegetables in an extreme climate in the United Arab Emirates. The technologies used in the …

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One of the most innovative and sustainable greenhouses in the UK

Project Ely-Fenland is an unique project in terms of sustainability. The project is a follow-up to the ‘’Low Carbon Farming’’ project (29-ha) which was opened one year earlier. …

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£5m packhouse stores millions of tomatoes and cucumbers

CambridgeHOK constructed a huge new £5million packhouse to store millions of tomatoes and cucumbers per year. The team designed and built the facility, including foundations and civils, …

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