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Atrium Agri is a collaboration of entrepreneurs within the international horticultural sector. Together with our partners, we form a knowledge platform in the fields of total cultivation concepts, greenhouse construction, water, climate, automation, energy and consultancy. We are not only a knowledge partner for the partners within the platform, but also the connector within the sector. By connecting the right parties, we encourage cross-fertilisation between leading companies. Equal, and while retaining our own identity.

We are Atrium Agri. A single powerful platform where we and our partners contribute to a sustainable world where a growing world population can surround itself with healthy vegetables and attractive floricultural products.

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What we do

Thanks to Dutch growers, we have worked together in various worldwide horticultural projects for years now. Thinking from the customer’s perspective, we share our knowledge and expertise. We innovate and invest in the growth of the international horticultural customer at various levels. With the right partners, contracts and mutual trust, we can work even more efficiently.

Together, we join forces to offer turn-key total solutions in the playing field of international greenhouse horticulture. Merging the interests of the customer with the importance of a healthy world.

Our partners

We can accomplish more together than we can on our own


CambridgeHOK joins Atrium Agri

CambridgeHOK are pleased to announce a significant change within their ownership structure, with the existing shareholders (Ross Hibbs, John Holland and Steve Hinch) selling the busines to new owners. 

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VEK Adviesgroep joins Atrium Agri

HONSELERSDIJK - VEK Adviesgroep joins Atrium Agri, a partnership of leading companies in greenhouse horticulture sector. VEK and Atrium will collaborate on horticultural projects both nationally and internationally. Managing Director Willem Nat is proud: "Our entire team stands behind this decision, were excited to take the next step."

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Around the world, Atrium Agri is the independent knowledge partner and connector within international greenhouse horticulture. In a transparent manner, we offer a turn-key total solution for large-scale international new construction projects. Interested in talking to us about far-reaching and non-committal collaboration? Send us a message using the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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